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Military and 退伍军人

Thomas 大学 is pleased to work with members of the military, 军事的配偶, Department of Defense employees and veterans from all branches to reach their educational goals. TU is a participant in DoD voluntary education programs, a Tier 1 AU-ABC partner with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and provides certification preparation in conjunction with the COOL (Credentialing Opportunities Online) as well as Defense Acquisition 大学 (DAU) equivalent 课程 in contract acquisition.

你的 Center for Military Life offers a wide range of programs and services specifically dedicated Active Duty, 国民警卫队, Reserves and 退伍军人 including:

  • 退伍军人 Career and Transition 服务 Center provides veterans, 现役, guard and reserve personnel with opportunities for resources and serves as a quite place to spend time with other service members. The Center is open to all military regardless of their enrollment status with Thomas 大学.
  • Certification preparation training in cyber security (8570), project management and cloud computing.
  • DAU equivalent training for contract acquisition and management
  • CCAF AU-ABC Tier 1 programs and 宝石 课程
  • Student 退伍军人 of America (SVA). TU veteran students can participate in this national association, including those online.

请浏览 Center for Military Life site for more information.

Military transition football program

Play football while you earn your degree! 

Learn more about  our military transition football program!

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